Saturday, January 4, 2014

"The Blues"

I had another of those dreams again. This one was just a flash a momentary one. ...but cool.

Blue Fire!

I was in a place of Blue Gems Blue Fire.

Just for a moment just a flash.

Cool blue light yet it was Burning Burning.

A brief world of Cold Blue Flame.


  1. Hey, I had a weird dream for a change too! It involved involuntary disembodiment - not my own, someone else's. He was trapped between dimensions, disembodied like a ghost, and couldn't get back into our world. It was scary.

    Sounds like you got a glimpse of Merlin's crystal cave or something like that.


  2. Well it was someone's crystal cave that's for sure. Btw had another of 'those' dreams. Nuclear terrorism again. I saw a mushroom cloud over the City...again.

    Not a good omen.