Saturday, January 18, 2014

"The Good Guys"

(Above is my model P-40, and Flying Tiger pilots.)

The thing about boys raised in the aftermath of WW2 is that we're romantic for that era. Our fathers, and Uncles, and the father's of our playmates, and school pals all fought in that war. One way or another everybody we knew teachers neighbors relatives all were part of that Great Trial that decided our futures our fates.

Imagine a world where the Axis Nazi Germany Imperial Japan, and their pals now ruled the world. Not a happy picture. Them guys make the NSA look like Franciscan Friars.

So there we all were building model Spitfire, and Flying Tiger airplanes. That, and re-enacting Normandy, and the Battle of the Bulge in the streets parks, and beaches from one end of 1950's early 60's America to the other. We were the 'good' guys. We saved the world from a new dark age.

Then came the National Security State Vietnam the endless propping up of murderous right wing tyrannies through the whole of the Cold War. This, and assorted other crimes, and misdemeanors that betrayed everything our fathers, and uncle's fought for.

However despite that, and now even into our elder years we still love the old America that did the right thing when it counted when it mattered more than ever.

It would be such a wonder if some of 'that' American came back to us. The America that the world loved, and respected. The America we as kids loved, and wanted to carry on into the future.

Stay Tuned.

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