Friday, January 3, 2014

"New Years Blizzard"

Yep I decided to sit this one out. Getting sand-blasted by 50mph winds tearing me to shreds, and sub-zero temps seemed to be a bad idea. Especially after the last time.

You'll remember that six inches of ice water topped by two inches of slush I had to march through a few weeks ago. Past my ankles in Emerald City semi-solid frosty wastes, and a face full of sleet.

Left me ill for two solid weeks.

Wandering in the deadly elements I've come to believe is a hobby of the very young. So no these ain't my snaps up there. I stole them from people on the internet.

Btw I hear we're getting hit again next week. Well I do prefer the winter to summer...actually I prefer fall. Well okay I like anything without heat, and humidity. However I 'am' giving second thought to all that ice water in my shoes.

For now it's below Zero f. for the east coast. Hey I did that ice thing. 'Took a glass of warm water poured it on my kitchen window ledge, and damn if it didn't turn to ice in seconds. Sort of like that Canadian trick of tossing a pot of water into the air, and have it come down as snow. (See the cool video below.)

It ain't that cold here, but that's a neat trick!

Speaking of the wind it's serious here. I thought I heard snowplows, but it turned out to be strong winds. Some of which pounded my side windows. I thought they were going to blow in, and suck me out. Would have made for a cool post if I lived through it.

Yes btw you're right. I'm reduced to posting about the weather. Such is the fate of the retired. 'Guess I'll have a glass of milk, and go to bed now. This as opposed to snorting up a meth cocaine cocktail, and go out clubbing, and looking for likely lads.

Oh the decadent demented depraved mad 1970's we shall never see their like again.

 More's the Fucking Pity!

"Well Well!"

"Come sit on ya ol' Unkie's lap, and I'll recite "HOWL"  for ya."

"...I think you'll like it."

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