Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Trail Mix"

At last you can tell me off or at least what to do. In my new vapid life of the grey retired I have absolutely nothing to do...nothing.  

The two things I look forward to everyday is the 1950's "Roy Rodgers" show that comes on at 11:00 am locally here in the Emerald City. That, and the "View".

How sad is this?

Btw I was watching the "Roger's Show" this morning, and Dale Evans Roy's main squeeze, and apparently *"Queen of the Cowboys" shot this guy. 


Just like fucking that.

*( I knew another "Queen of the Cowboys" that hung out at the "Mattachine Society" offices on Christopher Street in the late 1970's. However that's another story for another time.")

Another thing. The place where our heroes  live is a weird time shifted cowboy town. Part 1870 part 1955. Guys are walking around covered in guns, and ride 50's Ford pick ups...and horses. 

A serious cultural mishmash. Hence Dale feeling okay with blowing that guy away.

I had an internal soundtrack to all this.

Roy: "Dale you just shot a guy!"

Dale: " well he was a bad guy."

Roy: "You ain't a cop Dale are you nuts ya could have killed him. His family might sue the hell out of us we could lose the ranch, and you could go to jail!"

Dale" "But Roy we're cowboys we shoot people."

There in is the reality dislocation of the whole show. Apparently you can shoot anybody ya want in the west. Which explains the past, and present political gun culture out there.

I'd love to read the local legal ordinances of that town. 

"Any Citizen over the age of 12  has the right indeed the duty to use deadly force if he or she feels that their personal safety is or may be in danger. If the suspect is not of Anglo-Saxon decent absolutely no prohibition against using deadly force applies." 

That about covers it.

Anyway it's fun to watch this bizzaro world cowboy town in action. No confusing inconvenient sissy liberal niggra loving laws standing in the way of rough direct justice. It's every man, and boy's dream of the real America!

(I had the above as a lad...the official cowboy hat, and six shooter too!)  
 Anyway the "Contest",(..remember that...),the contest is for all 12 of you dear good, and loyal readers out there to come up with something for me to do.

(...I really only have the "Roy Rodgers Show", and the "View"...well Nova, and the BBC news on PBS in the evening, but that's it. 

Okay I still sometimes draw Queer Angels, and Faeries for my Queer page...see link "Dragonfly" on the lower right. 

That, and my experiments on what can, and cannot or should never ever never be cooked in a microwave oven...eggs explode, and baked hams catch fire!)

...however steel wool is fun to watch as it melts.

Also it's way too cold to go on them long walks I was doing late last summer. That, and I don't have money for dope to get me through the boring winter. Anyway it's to too far to get to Colorado or Washington State where it's legal.

So you comrades please make  some, ( generally legal, and mostly non-lethal), suggestions as to what the hell I can do with all my newly free time.

I'm not sure what the prize will be, but I'll think of something.

Happy Trails.

Stay Tuned.

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