Saturday, January 4, 2014


Aw he seems so sweet. Bless his heart whoever he is. Hey com'on just because I'm Queer it don't mean I wanna bang every man, and teen I see. ...just most of them.

I have a very strong maternal protective instinct. I have a strong nurturing nature. This came in handy for helping to raise a brood of nieces, and nephews.

We had a large extended family so when babies started showing up both in, and out of wedlock there were always some of us around for child care duties.

My youngest sister started to have babies just as I dropped out of college for the third time. So I was home while she went to school. For reasons Angelic I suppose I wasn't allergic to baby stuff. Like them endlessly crapping.

Lesson one...wait till their finished before changing. Oh wow what an adventure. I'll leave all that jazz to your imaginations.

Thing above all is I just loved them so. I love babies, and kiddies in general, and they seem to like me fine. I think in another life if this is what really happens. I believe I was a mommy with a platoon of kiddies. 

This is probably why I loves boys so much. Those that have been in my life I've protected, and nurtured. Naw I never banged no kiddies give me a break. But then I've learned I can't care what the world thinks. Just what those I've loved think.

Here's a story all this just reminded me of.

Back in 1969 I joined a Queer group called Gay Youth. It was the first on planet Earth organization for Queer teens. Wow how about that. I was only in for a short time as I was going away to college the next year, but it was a very full year.

All that becoming a man independence from family, and fun scary adventures. I was in several gay bars, and clubs that were raided by both cops, and hoodlums. "...scary, and exciting."

These raids were "after" Stonewall btw. Raids continued for years after the riots.

The point is I had a special friend "X".  That's sweet like a character in an  love novel published anonymously by a nice lady in Vermont in the 1880's

Anyway he was younger just turned 15, and  I was just 18. I had just got my Draft Card...Google that. Like the title of the post he was very sweet gentle, and thoughtful. Very sexy too. Just the sort to be devoured by a vicious world.

"X" is a happy memory.

Sure there was fucked up shit...his insane parents, and brother that wanted to kill him. Just like today when Queer teens are butchered by friends or family.

Other than the threat of murder everything was fine.

We were all under that threat then as now. However to the point. We were friends, and in a kind of love lust stoned madness. Yeah "X" was the first person I got high with. 

Oh btw he was very fem a sweet Sissy boy which is why he went through such hell, and why his own family wanted him dead or exorcised of demons...they were Catholics too so you can imagine.

My family didn't really take my Queerdom that seriously. I was fortunate as hell my folks were they way the were. Sure they were nuts insane beat us when we were little, and yelled too much, but so did all parents back then. 

All the Great Depression Jim Crow, and WW2 generation were angry, and generally nuts.

Despite this they were weirdly tolerant at the same time. Both of my folks being in show business for a while helped. My mom had a Queer roommate when she went to City College, and sang at clubs at night. Dad played big band piano so ran into queers every day.

All this to say Queers weren't space aliens to them. So when I turned up it wasn't that big a deal. My bringing "X" home was mostly with the very very clear understanding that there would be no funny business in the house..or backyard or garage or basement or roof or back seat.

...or anywhere else my Mom could think of.

Anyway my sisters, and my folks liked "X", and felt protective of him when I told them about his home life. There's no big finish to this. I had a warm stoned slightly sexual relationship with him for a year. I eventually went away to school as to keep me out of Vietnam, and eventually into the middle class.

Neither of us wanted it to happen, but we did drift apart. Such is part of life. Two youngsters separated getting involved with new people new weird adventures...we separate, and move on.

To nurture, and protect.

The End I guess.

Stay Tuned.


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