Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Ya Just Can't Win"

Aw here we go again. Ya see for me Obama is like having a boyfriend you really loved still have the hots for, but is such a big asshole that if he sat on top of the Empire State Building he'd slide to the bottom.

Actually I didn't make up the "slide to the bottom" thing. A movie reviewer friend did many years ago to describe the guy the ruined "Dune". But that's another character assassination for another time.
Anyway our Kenyan Zombie Reptilian Socialist Zionist Alien Hybrid President,...aka Barry is breaking my heart again.

Ya hear that...FUCKING AGAIN!

The only thing 'good' about this bastard is that the others were insanely impossibly worse. I hate that. That's the choice we always get. A demented Nazi racist evil nutter or smooth talking apparently reasonable zombie.

...or perhaps reptilian.

In this weeks episode our hero reaffirms his intent to throw the fucking book at one of the few genuine hero's out there. Edward Snowden. Okay sure if ya looked close you'll probably find all sorts of weird kinky stuff about him. Maybe them sex with puppets videos he did in college. That or his used cock ring collection.

Who the fuck cares. 

As long as he didn't shoot anybody or toss live babies into wood chippers while singing the Oscar Meyer hotdog song I say fine he's okay.

Major press outlets..Hey I ain't talking commie cranks like the "Detroit Stalinist Weekly Reader"  the "Sag Harbor Kill Whitey Observer" the "East St. Louis Urban Hell Digest"  or Pacifica Radio.

I mean papers human beings read like U.K.'s Guardian the New York Fucking Times are saying pardon the guy he's a bleeping hero for Christ's sakes!! Hell even part of the U.S. Justice Department are saying we should at least 'think' about a deal. 

What does Papa Doc say "...he's broken serious laws, and must face the ultimate consequences."  Period full fucking Stop.


Yeah that's exactly what I thought.

Hey look I know the guy ain't Abbie Hoffman, but com'on dude have a bleeping heart why don't ya?!

Yeah yeah the Prez had done some good stuff, and wants to do more. However he plays ball with the Beast a little more than is necessary. I have a headache. Be back later.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Personally I try to pay no attention to national politicians if I can help it. It's better for my peace of mind. The best things to happen on Obama's watch lately are the two wars he didn't start against Syria and Iran. This really something to be glad about.

    Snowden is a hero, which is a type of individual that is now very unlikely to attain high office at the Federal level. At that level, it is no longer possible to vote against the interests of Wall Street.


  2. The Oligarch of the Atomic Plunderers of Wall Street hold 'all' the cards...the House Wins. The House Always Wins.

    High time to burn that sucker down!