Saturday, January 25, 2014


Right...on top of everything else I have a tooth ache. I can't believe this. I'm fucking batting a thousand here. The only thing that ain't happened to me this winter is demonic possession...I think.

Pains puking headaches tunnel vision hemorrhaging weird ass dreams can't bleeping walk especially up them long subway stairs damned rashes from who knows where hearing voices antarctic weather ghosts spirits cobblies whatever in the house, and that good kosher pizza place won't deliver in the snow.

Granted none of this is as bad as being in a concentration camp in South Sudan or anywhere in most of the wretched so called "Developing World". Aw hell I want to go back to 1962 when Good King John was on the Throne, and you could buy a split rear window Stingray coupe for less than two grand!

Yep there I'd be 11 bleeping years old sitting at the wheel of a candy apple red "Stingray" doing 90mph down route 66! American was Boss, and everybody knew it! We had a zillion H-Bombs, and scads of shiny brand new B-fucking-52's to shove them up anyone's butt that gave us a hard time!

Hey when I'm in this sort'a mood I morph into a wing-nut Curtis Lemay hardliner...Google'em.

Here we are in a sea of frozen solid slush with more on the way "Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!" I need a new damned coat gloves the works. All my stuff is suited for them warm winters we been have around here forever.

Climate change has gyrated around, and finally given us the other side of the game frigging Arctic Vortex's all over the place. Swell just swell. It's been 12f or lower for weeks...mind you if I had to choose between this, and them killer heatwaves I'll take the ice age we're getting

I'm funny that way.

Btw in world news everybody out there is still slashing each others throats, and impaling each others babies. Remember all the toddlers slaughtered at the beginning of the Syrian War. The maniacs that did it put out a video saying they were doing righteous jihad or some such baloney.

Get this then a counter video from a bunch that said it was them that did it, and wanted the credit. ????!!!!! 

Okay the not so new century has given us feuding mass murderers fighting over who gets bragging rights over the bloody slaughter of babies. 


Take me back to the Planet Earth, and step on it!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Hang in there, Uncle! We have you in our thoughts and hearts.