Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Happy Easter!"

If we celebrated Easter the way we do Christmas the decorations would be going up about now. The July Forth bunting would follow a few weeks later.

Never understood the Easter thing. Even as a little kid that was a tough one to swallow. "Com'on guys what are ya saying here..." Anyway on the Catholic Channel I once heard a priest say that if it weren't for the resurrection there would be no Christian faith.


Yeah that's pretty much my reaction. 

Btw another loon on that channel praised Franco for saving Spain from the Communists. Again...????!!!!

 Anyway I did buy 'some' of the Christian stuff w/o buying 'any' of that coming back to life action. So if He didn't come back, and flying up into the sky as the punch line of all this works his passions everything...

If he didn't do that it's all bullshit, and we might as well go home?  Well damn if that's so it turns out me, and my commie pals are more Christian that them characters in the robes dresses, and beanies.

Me, and everybody else that's tried to live the Christian ethic if not the theology. We've tried to live the ethic w/o the nuttier bits of the cosmology.

Like I say "Religion is Weird", and "Faith lives best Outside of Religion". Btw feel free to use these, and other wise Uncle Sydney quotes I gleefully spread around these pages on t-shirts hoodies, and bumper stickers. 

Hell come to think of it I should make a t-shirt for this stupid blog...both of them actually. Remember there's "Dragonfly" my semi-secret Queer pages...see link on lower right.

Humm there's a project I could put my energies into. Hey any of you want something like that? Let me know.

Stay Tuned.

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