Friday, January 17, 2014


I wish I wasn't so fuck'n sick all the time. I've had frigging flu symptoms for months. The damned thing just won't go away. Been to the doctors, and hospital several times always the same,...bed rest, and liquids.

Total bullshit from them.

Next time I'm going to insist on a check up on if this is pancreatic cancer. Which btw is a Death Sentence as ya know. It's what killed my Mom. It hides on plain sight as the damned flu.


I start almost everyday by throwing up nothing. Dry heaves real fun. Headaches, and dizziness all the time. Nothing like being hungry, and nauseous at the same time a whole new sensation to my life.

Aw I'll make it I'm just whining, and paranoid.

I'm exhausted. To bed I'll see you folks tomorrow.

...btw I put up a few new thing on "Dragonfly" check them out if ya want.

Stay tuned.


  1. Real sorry to hear you're still feeling sickly Sidney. Makes me worry. BTW, have you got a current email addy? I might send you some medico-info stuff, if you're up for it - like where to go for best advice and such.


  2. Forgot to mention I have a fairly awful cold myself right now. Sickness is such a drag.


  3. Hi "Z", happy trails. I'm still alive, and stumbling about as far as I know. I have a bunch of emails all over the place, but one that I still look at is:

    I look forward to your missives, and those of other good, and loyal subjects as they please. Sorry to hear your zapped with whatever is making the whole damned country sick. I hope this doesn't turn into some sort of Stephen King scenario.

    Btw don't read the "Dome". It just another of his phone book sized stinkers. The TV version is even worse.