Saturday, January 11, 2014

"A Proclamation to the Frozen Winds"

"Always winter, and never Christmas." This is an apt description of these grey oh so weirdly changeable days that lay before us.  

To this grim forecast I say,...

Onward comrades into the teeth of rough winter! Stand Fast! We'll make it to Spring, and drink Lime Rickie's on the Coney Island Boardwalk,...what's left of it.

Ice, and slush in our shoes will not dampen our resolve! Well okay maybe a little, but our goal will be achieved! Howl all ya want ye Arctic Vortexes. Send your winds armed as they are with razor sharp hail. 

Bury our streets in drifts of snow burst our pipes make it impossible to go to the movies or the damned comix book shop!

Short out our subways glue the wheels of our electric hybrid sedans, and buses to the ground with hard immoveable ice!

Freak out our hoards of slimy crazed rats ground our pigeons this will not deter us. We will make it to above freezing  Bar-B-Q's, and flea markets despite your worse!

Oh, and one more thing,...Fuck You! 

Btw I finally got my insurance card, and assorted documents. So now if I freeze to bleeping death or get ground up by a snow plow I'm covered.

Yep I feel so much better now...Winter you frosty demon I'm ready for anything you dare to throw at me!


Stay Tuned.

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