Saturday, January 18, 2014

"The Hero Business"


Mind you I don't wanna go back to work. That was starting to get on my nerves. Same routine blah blah.

Maybe I could be a Super Hero ya know with a cape'n all. 

On the other hand catching ladies jumping out'a burning buildings all the time like the above would really be bad for my back. 

Btw with age everything hurts the back the feet ya gets kidney trouble headaches ya vision craps out ya guts fuck up so you're fart'n crapping all the time. 

You don't remember shit you're always pissed off depressed, and fucking confused about everything. So standing in a fire in a snow storm catching people is out'a the picture.

Perhaps I could find lost kittens instead.

This 'cause what I'm doing now just don't cut it. I basically sleep too much eat crappy microwaved food, and watch really 'bad' TV. Humm instead of Super Hero perhaps I could be a Master Criminal of some sort.

Yeah again bad for my back.

I'd need to get a bunch of evil minions to do all the heavy lifting. I'd have to design costumes for them payroll vacation time insurance hire a lawyer. Aw hell it'd be a serious small business.

Bleep it.

I did that once. Sure fun at first, but you always end up in Court for bullshit...naw forget it. 'Could be some sort of no I hate loud noises, and real guns also I don't fancy a cage in Gitmo for life.

See this is why I need your help in finding something for me to do. 

A few posts down I'm having a contest..prize still undetermined...for you all three of you to figure out something for me to waste my time doing with the few hours or daze till I kicks that damned bucket.

So com'on get on it.

Remember it can't be too much like work no heavy lifting or math should be involved. You guys are smart so go to it. I can hardly wait.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I gotta think about this one a while.


  2. I'd like you to do some sort of crude stop-motion silent animation short, using all your dolls and assorted props, telling the story of WBAI til present day. I'm not expecting Harryhausen stylings from you obviously, but I'm sure you can come up with something visually amusing, educational and funny. Get to it, I'm giving you two months to complete this masterpiece!

  3. Humm okay I'll see what I can do, and Z take ya time. Time is all I have these daze.