Friday, January 10, 2014

"...and da Lawd said!"

"Mercy always Mercy."

Be Merciful always. The more they don't deserve Mercy the more they should have it!

I used to say that all the time back in my preacher days. Yeah I was a preacher of sorts back in my younger years. Who'd a thunk it. Always did have the calling the shine all that holy moly mo-Jo.

I just wasn't too keen on any religions is all. Also should'a paid attention to some of my own sermons back then.

Another thing I used to say.

"Give till it hurts."

Not till it feels good that's just ego, but till it actually hurts. Give till it's inconvenient. Sure giving anything at all these days is to the good. However it gets all mixed up with our complicated ego noise.

Most Americans live from check to check. Heck I sure do. So give till you have to put off something you want. Like going to see the "Hobbit".

One should give so that you notice you gave. Make yourself closer to the truly, and gravely poor. This so that you'll better understand the meaning of compassion for others, and yourself.

"Also Holiness." 

Sounds swell, but what is it? How is it done?

Holiness I think is the ability to see the Divine....ya hear that? 

To be able to see the 'for real' Divine in the insufferable totally annoying loud Jerk standing next to you on a seriously crowded subway train that's stalled between stations with a busted air conditioner in an August heat wave.

This is one of the hardest things to do even part time. 

Try doing this continually. Yeah, and there's a padded apartment waiting for you at Bellevue.


Apparently it is possible to do...sometimes.

Sometimes, and each time for a little..a very little longer.

I think that's all the g-ds or Eternity really asks of us. Just to try to transcend ourselves a little...then a little more.

Try keeping the above in the back of your mind. In time it may come to the front. Who knows what'll happen then.



  1. Are you sure you don't mean we should see Divine the fat transvestite slut? That would be more palatable than the average subway cell phone yobbo.


  2. I see your point. In full disclosure I still can't see any Divinity in that loud obnoxious yabbo. I am thinking about it though which as I said is all Eternity asks.