Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Gravy Train"



"Jang Song Thaek, (Kim Jong's unfortunate uncle), was stripped naked, thrown in a cage and mauled by 120 hunting dogs that had been starved for five days, according to a report in a Hong Kong newspaper. Kim Jong Un and 300 officials reportedly watched the gruesome hour-long horror show."

( information as to if they had root beers, and popcorn while enjoying the proceedings.)

(Taiwan News)

 Yep North Korea has gone to the dogs. Granted there is some suspicion that this news item maybe be bullshit. Still one wouldn't put it past them demented nutters to do something like this. In fact this is just the sort of thing I do to the Capitalist War Criminals in my Class War vengeance fantasies. 

Well the people's heroes allegedly tossed the Great Reactionary Satan, and Inner Party traitor into a cage full of starved pit-bulls. Other class enemies, and assorted capitalist roaders again "allegedly" were shot to pieces with 20mm anti-aircraft guns. This is like shooting  lady bugs with shotguns.  

Not much left after that.

Oh such a deranged world we live in. No matter how bizarre or awful if you imagine it it's probably already happened last week some where.

Angels weep...chuckle a bit, but mostly weep.

Stay Tuned.

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