Monday, March 13, 2017

"A Night in the Life"

I'm going past the parkway to the damned deli to get some ice's after 11pm so I might get shot 46 times in the back by the cops. If you never read this post I'm dead.

( 40 minutes later.)

Okay I'm back, and alive.

It's too cold for anyone to be out there shooting anybody. I guess that Blizzard is really coming. I got stuff, but forgot the ice cream. That's it I'm Senile. How can anyone forget the ice cream?!

Anyway I got some apples grapes orange juice...which I'm not supposed to drink, but bleep it I want it. It's not like it's gonna stunt my growth. I got "Alive" finally for them headaches. I'd prefer morphine, but they was fresh out no speed or cocaine either. Hey what sort of Brooklyn deli is this?!

So I got those sugarless wafer things instead. I'm all set for the storm.

Btw I signed up for Hulu...yeah ya has to pay now. About 7 bucks so even I could afford it. So I'm catching up on the last season of "Elementary" which I missed because I was too sick, and crazy. Anyway I'm going to bed. Not much else to do.

Stay tuned.

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