Friday, March 31, 2017

"...and all the Meth you can Eat"

Did you know that if you fell through the floor of a news-stand in China at roughly Chengdu. I mean fall all the way down that hole through the core then up the other side.

Did you know if you did all that you'd come busting up out of the floor of a meth lab in Kokomo Indiana. On the up side you didn't go busting out of the ocean say 10,000 feet down.

Still you'd have to deal with them hard ass Indiana Crack Heads.

Stay Tuned.


  1. If you did it from San Francisco you'd wind up somewhere in the Indian Ocean. I checked on a world map. You'd get awfully wet, in addition to being incinerated and crushed. I bet I could sell a lot of tickets for that kind of trip, if I pitched it to the right audience.


  2. I'm sure a good copywriter could spin something attractive to people that think the universe is 5000 years old, and humanity was kicked out of Paradise by a talking snake.

    Yeah not a problem.

    I see it contexted with big trucks, and young gals with jugs that never stop...yep that and maybe inferences about crates of booze, and hints at meth.

    Oh, and no Darkies Jews Queers or them folks that they think took their jobs, and or is secretly fucking their assorted wives daughters, and or sons..

    ...candy from babes.

    We'd have them good 'ol boys lined up around the block for their turn at falling through the Earth. Taking selfies as they went, and popping out in the heart of a volcano.

    We'd even tell them they're going to be crushed 'n burned up in the core, and if that don't fuck'em up enough they'll bust out at the bottom of the ocean in a volcano in the parking lot of Negro public housing that or busting up through the floor of an Isis head chopping training, and eyeball gouging camp.

    None of these things will be a problem if they besides coughing up the $28,000. bucks for the ride also dig up an additional $12,000. This for the Magic Jebus Chrisp pedant that will protect them against all that scary core of the earth shredding burning, and crushing stuff. For a limited time only two Jebus pendants for $10,000 each.

    All they'd have to do is sell their mobile home their truck their still their daughters, and turn over the head of their first born son...not a problem.

    "Here ya goes Billie Bob...just sign here."