Friday, March 17, 2017


Okay. Let's say that next Tuesday while the President of the United States of America is tweeting that the "Tooth" fairy has been sucking his schlong while he's asleep, and Hillary put her...or him up to it. He orders Spicer to re-enact the assault in the press room. While this is going on The ruling Kim Jung Nutter of North Korea orders his guys to launch a spread of four of his new IRBM's with nuke warheads on 'em at U.S. bases in Japan, and Guam.

One explodes on the pad. This causing all the ground crew, and their relatives to the fifth generation to be eaten by wild dogs in a pit. Another splashes harmlessly into the Sea of Japan. With the same entertaining reward to that crew.

However the other two hit their marks. An American air base in Japan, and another on Guam. Those crews are rewarded by being allowed to sleep an extra five minutes on the King Nutters birthday.

You following me here. Okay.

So mushroom clouds rise over Japan, and Guam with that shit head boss of North Korea daring us to do anything about it. What does our esteemed Commander in Chief do,...besides wet himself? ...and call Bannon? Should make for interesting viewing on YouTube.

Hey I'm just asking what our President would do if faced with a Peace or War life or death of Nations situation that comes with his job. I mean other than Trump's going out to East Goatfucker County Iowa to have the yokels cheer his ongoing kicking out Brown of people.

There by making America a little Whiter.

Eh just asking since this or something rather like it "IS" going to happen. Also the video below is of a test back in the 1950's of a 10 Kiloton artillery shell. This is about what we think the latest N.K. warhead yield is right now. What they would hit our pacific bases with.

Stay Tuned.

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