Monday, March 13, 2017


It was less than a year ago that 100 Queers were shot down in one place at one time by a confused bitterly hateful man. 100 shot, and now half dead. So to honor the 9th month anniversary of this latest massacre in the American Culture War. The Governor of South Dakota signs into law a measure the legalizes discrimination against Queers of all kinds on religious grounds.

Everyday another nail in the American coffin.

Seems treating gay folks as they would anyone else offends their "Jesus-hood". Makes one want to burn their fly speck "state" to the ground. I would say even more violent things, but it's against my better self, and would violate the terms of service here.

Look there's just 14 Jesus nut Nazis that live in that fly speck of a "state". There's hardly 700k of them yokels, and near 9,000,000 of us just in 'this' town. Hell we could dump their whole population of Jesus nuts into our City, and they'd disappear.

Well sure maybe every now, and then we'd see a stumbling freaked out goat-fucker in a cowboy hat clutching his bible thinking he was in hell. Ha! To him this would be. That's the only impact they'd have. ...comic relief. I say we invade, and have done with it.

I'm sick of them tiny shit holes fucking with us.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Cut 'em loose. I bet S. Dakota's a Welfare state. It'll make me laugh my ass off to watch them try to fund their own highways. Also, that'll leave more for queer kids in NYC and LA and other places that pay to prop up these backward backwaters that need to be left to their own miserable devices.


  2. I'm all for it. It's what they want so lets give it to them. We either just expel them from the Union,...which they never wanted to be part of in the first place.

    Or Invade!

    I like the idea of wiping these guys out in a Wounded Knee in reverse. However my better self sez no. Blood begets blood. So just cut 'em loose. In a couple of years they'll be begging to be let back in so they can eat again. We'll take their kids...not them.