Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Such is War"

( Top image is of the disastrous "Sheridan" The bottom is of the "Patton" which they should have kept. Why? ...because it worked.)

There were not many tank battles during the major part of the Viet-Nam war. This because of U.S. air power. Those that did occur were encounters between the venerable "Patton" tanks, and the equally scary Russian made T-55. This used by the forces of North Viet-Nam in it's war with the South.

First the Patton which had a 10 to 1 kill rate. Then the insane, and murderous decision to use the ill-fated Sheridan which had nearly the opposite. This because of it's under powered cannon, and experimental aluminum armor.

That shit even sounds like a bad idea.

Aluminum,...Burns! The designers should have been tried for treason. A friend of mine that witnessed the mayhem said that he saw long train loads of destroyed Sheridan's going to the rear.

Some returned to the States to analyze what the hell went wrong. The rest dumped into the ocean. I believe to cover the crime. 
So many crewmen burned alive for nothing, and no one accountable. Not one to this day. Not General Motors. Not any individuals.

Such is War.

For those that are unaware, and it seems most now are. During the Cold war the U.S., and Soviet Russia fought several serious "proxy wars". The longest, and most brutal being the Viet-Nam War. Basically we supported the south of that country, and Russia supported the north.

This was my war as the Terror War is yours.

It dragged on from 1959 to 1973. At least for us. It continued on it's own for several more years till the north finally won. ...Google it or ask your grandpa...if he will talk about it.

Stay Tuned.

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