Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Nice Try"

I hear that two of the people's enemies from the evil 1% have made a deal with SpaceX to orbit the Moon next year. Swell the less of them the better. Btw this is the same SpaceX with a recent bad habit of it's rockets exploding on the pad.

Mind you I'm a Space Cadet from way back. I loves SpaceX. They're way more fun than NASA. Them guys at NASA is like your racist homophobic Nazi uncle that secretly has a stash of big Boob Black Lady Porn on his computer that you found, and spread to all your friends. SpaceX is like your Queer insane anarchist doper cousin that lets you drive his 1958 re-built Desoto.

All that said it really don't look good for this pair of plutocrat fuck heads that's paid to go. Btw I hope they don't waste a perfectly good astronaut on these fuckers. I think remote control seems reasonable. Anyhow I personally think it's a tad too soon to do this sort of thing. Not that it wouldn't be both entertaining, and interesting to watch a couple of class enemies get blown to bits on the pad. I just would hate to see a waste of a rocket.

This is what may await our rich as shit couple... 

These folks are dead. ( see above.) Or at least very likely to be formerly alive. Here's their possibilities. Form of Death One...Using a big untested booster to get into orbit. Which explodes. Two...going into circumlunar trajectory in an as yet untested trans-lunar capsule which fails. Form of Death Three...Failure of breaking rockets. They miss lunar orbit, and keep going. Joining the Voyager ships on their way to the stars...well their bones anyway.

Form of Death Four...Entering lunar orbit however orbit maneuvering, and escape rockets malfunction with either they're being trapped in orbit or crashing on the moon. Form of Death Five...Micro meteor strikes either on or away from the moon. This will cause damage to or destroy life sustaining technologies within the vessel.

Form of Death Six...Systems failure during Earth re-entry. They either burn up in the atmosphere or hard land...crash killing all aboard. Form of Death Seven....If an ocean landing. Vessel sinks before rescue. Some or all go down with ship.

There are other possibilities. Everything from abduction by space aliens to murdering each other because of malfunctions in pressure, and mixture of internal atmosphere which could cause profound paranoia delusions etc. All in all I'd wait another five to ten years till all the bugs that will almost certainly kill them are worked out. Still,...nice try.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I think you're right Sid - ain't gonna happen. Actually, I think that time is over. Manned space flight is all about how the future was going to be. Like you, I suspect any private space junkets to any place seriously far away, like the Moon or Mars, are probably going to end really, really badly.


  2. Pretty much,...most of them anyway. I mean half of the un-personed Mars trips fail.

    Pity. We could have made it out there, and held off our doom for a while. Mining the asteroids, and such. Also planting human nests around the system.

    Close no Cigar.