Friday, March 17, 2017

"From my FB page"

Sidney: ...Just sitting here waiting for the letter that sez my Meds are history.

Randy: ...You know, I wonder how far up the ladder do you have to be, before you're not expendable? Rich, Fucking Rich, or Holy Shit Fucking Rich?

Sidney: ...Well the poor working poor middle class even upper middle have been cannon fodder in this class war for decades...completely "expendable". By now I'd say the merely rich have joined the ranks of human plankton. In time it will be the one tenth of the one percent whose existence will matter. Then after that it's back to the Divine Right of Kings. In other words a hand full of families.

Sidney: ...So the Trump National Budget will punish the children the very old the poor, and sick. Thing of it is this will 'not' lower any support for Trump. This because his 'real' message was literally to make this country 'White' again. Which he is doing. If this means they don't eat they seem to be fine with that.

As Trump himself said, "I love the poorly educated." ...and they love him for throwing out the Brown people. ...soon Blacks Queers Jews Uppity Women , and anyone else that don't make the cut.

I guess that means eventually the literate as well.

The German people supported Hitler even when the Russians kicked in their front door. It was not political it was para-religious. They "Believed". As do the Trump supporters. Nothing he does. No crime no cruelty no madness will change that. It seems it 'can' happen here.

...and did.

Stay Tuned, long as you can.


  1. I think there is actually hope for a better world. But it won't be coming from this country. Some situations are saveable, others not.


  2. Yes I see progress elsewhere. In science social advancement, and just plain fun.

    Somewhere long the way we devolved back into social Darwinism. I'd say the early to mid-1970's. It was quiet at first. Now it screams, "DIE!"

    If you haven't become a winner you're a loser so die.

    If I were young say in my late teens to early 20's I'd leave this country. If you look there are more than a few civilized countries out there that have futures.

    This republic is no-longer a leader in anything other than selfish greed, and murder. Murder, and cruelty both here, and abroad.

    "Game Over".

  3. Yep, that's pretty much the picture I'm seeing.

    I'm studying a foreign language. I hope I get to use it.