Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Everything Ends"


  1. Umm... You're moving to Harlem, there to establish the New Republic of Sidneyland, with guaranteed medical care, submarine sandwiches and free tuition for all? It will be defended from the Trumpenfuhrerhorror by dashing soldiers in Civil War gear, on horseback and wielding cutlasses. Exquisite geishas will twirl their parasols to the sound of the new Jazz. Or something like that..? I hope there will be really pretty gypsy boys dancing flamenco in flaming scarlet silk.



  2. Well my deportation papers to go back to 147th Street in Harlem haven't arrived yet, but I thought I should be ready. My sister goes back to California cousins back to Mississippi Texas Arkansas. Actually I don't know if I have to walk or will they fly me there. The could land a chopper in the park, and I could be repatriated in 15 minutes. Walking...well that'll take all day. ( I'm not moving. Just saying eras of our lives, and even them lives do...end.)