Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Fuck Climate Change"

It's winter again, least for the next two days. It was 71f yesterday, and now it's 34f. Going down to the 20's tonight.

It should have been like this for the last three or so months,...but wasn't. I think we had maybe three weeks of actual winter weather this year...that's a stretch because I'm counting days in the low 40's. Every month is now the warmest ever recorded. Been like this for years now.

Everybody in the world except the republican party knows that.

Btw I took the above snaps back when we still had actual winters. Those are history now. So he I am listening to the now so rare winter winds bang against my windows. None of us are acclimated to the cold as we should be by now. So we're freaking out. Imagine 30f in Los Angeles. That's about it here. Whereas once upon a time we were a hardy winter folk.


Stay Tuned.


  1. I think your winter has moved here. Please have it back, and welcome!



    This looks relevant to the global situation.


  3. I went to the weather site.

    Antarctic peninsula at 63.5f, 17.5c.


  4. Oh,...btw it's 17f as I post.

    Going to 69f in two days.

    Yeah this End of our World thing is a heck of a ride.