Thursday, March 9, 2017


I just took a test of sorts on a music page. This to see if they could guess your age by the music you like. Apparently I'm 74. Close enough since I'm nearly 67. Now I'm going to be a cranky pissed off old guy. ...Stand by.


Ahem,...I stopped listening to popular music after "Pink Floyd". From then on it became heartless soulless noise...bleep it all. I see all these strange characters that people think are such important stars...never heard of them, and don't bleeping care. None of them have done anything that beats the 1950's, and 60's. Everything they do is derivative of mid-20th century gold.

Rap which is a $Billion Dollar business that began with criminals celebrating crime, and murder in the ghettos. Rap is an art form in which the competing "talent" have gun battles with each other to this day. Does this tell anybody anything? To me it's spread like a virus all over the world.

The rest of popular music is just as I say heartless soulless trash that makes billions. Popular culture is just a sad "Cargo Cult" that, still living on the scraps of what was done 50/60 years ago. Let me know when they come up with something of actual value unique to them. That has no vital ties to my past, and my culture.

Not only that, but you kids get the hell off my lawn, and no ya can't have your ball back! Beat it before I call a cop!

Stay Tuned.


  1. I'm with that old guy. I fucking *hate* clouds! They bring gloom and misery, and must be done away with!


  2. P.S. - I especially agree about Rap. Music doesn't just express emotions, it generates them, and that shit generates nothing good. I consider it a very bad sign that Rap has become popular all over the world, notably in Europe & S. America.

    I'll bet there are always good artists around trying to get a foot in the door; but in times of decay the rot won't let them flourish. Moldy plastic wins the day.

    Furthermore clouds being sickness, pneumonia and death!