Sunday, March 12, 2017


On another difficult though related matter. I'm not a trans-sexual however I am a person that believes folks should be who they are. So...These are comments on the back, and forth from a friend's page.

"Some feminist's are saying that Trans-folks will never be accepted, by them, as actual Women. That is those trans folks born male, but who are in fact female however 'while' male "enjoyed Male Privilege". So can never be true Women."

"Already I have a headache."

"I was born Queer, and male. I recall no male "privileges" as I had the shit beat out of me in the school yard. Endured contempt form relatives, and neighbors. 'Guess I just wasn't paying close enough attention."

"I imagine for a Trans comrades it must have be just a bit more terrifying."

"Look it's not a matter if anyone likes or understands them or not. "NO ONE" has the right to say their very existence is illegitimate. They didn't just show up in recent news-cycles. They've always been here like everyone else's identity has always been.

So no they can't be voted off the island.

I remember shit like this 30-40 years ago about Queer's right to exist." "So Tranny's will never be "Equal with Woman". "Never" say some."

"Why? ...because they say so."


"Never" is what those that have lost their argument with history most always say. I recall the whole South saying that once."

Stay Tuned.

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