Monday, March 13, 2017

"You show 'em Mickey!"

50 bleeping days of this demented mayhem, and counting. There's no way in this hell that it can go on for four bleeping more years!! Something has to give. A coup by the NSA/CIA, and a sweaty Keith Olbermann. A UFO invasion. a Zombie Apocalypse.

A Blizzard in July, anything, but what we got!!!

There's the Drip Drip Drip of that Russian stuff. His insane appointments. That Nazi fuck Bannon hovering over the whole mess. That, and his 60 Million illiterate ...superstitious Jesus nutters itching for multiple genocides.

Did I mention everything out of his mouth is a bleeping lie?!

I feel like driving in circles in a burning 1956 Desoto land cruiser singing "A Hard Rain's Gonna fall!" at the bleeping top of my lungs.

Otherwise I'm fine, are you.

Stay Tuned.

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