Friday, March 31, 2017

"No More Mr. Nice Guy"

On the other hand. If I am not elevated to the esteemed position of  "Resident of the United States" as I propose in earlier posts. Perhaps when the Revolution comes,...and goes. I shall present myself as "Comrade Peoples Judge Uncle Syd" for the Southern Judicial District of New York.

After so grand an adventure as the founding of the Revolutionary Second American Republic. There will be no doubt much local "cleansing", and tiding up of borders to do.  After all there is the question of what to do with...Racist sexist cab drivers, and those that don't flush in public crappers subway conductors that slam the damn door in your face. 'Everybody' at the DMV. These will face stern judgment. Stern indeed.

Millennial airhead clerks in shops who when you ask for help with an item just blankly stare into space, and...wait for it. ...say, "...just what's there", and then sink their heads back into their devices...their end shall be particularly bad.

Of course lawyers landlords violent killer cops gangsters bullies the generally annoying such as phony beggars that give the real needy such bad press will face swift, and more that slightly entertaining "Justice" from my steady device-less hands.

Then there's peoples enemies in the extreme. The hard cases. The class enemies that made the peoples revolutions necessary in the first place. These the food, and water poisoning oil spilling nature murdering child starving old folks evicting immigrant deporting war profiteering news distorting butt holes of eternity...Republicans.

I can hardly wait.

They'll all...indeed 'all' offenders will receive Peoples Mercy,...with a twist.

I shall help bring Revolutionary humor to the Law!