Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Crap Game"

All the mayhem around me here in the building I live in is starting to quiet. Even a murder has a span of interest. Life must go on. No matter how devastating the lost life insists on moving on. 'Been ill since the day. Though slowly getting better...I think.

I no longer take Meds so my body is trying to adjust. However I have to start new quackery soon. Anyway so as I said here we are. Life is so fleeting fragile, and perhaps of little or no meaning.

With that in mind I've been reading the press again...never a good idea. Seems "Trump Care" bit the dust...who knew? I thought these Nazi fucks owned the country now. Seems not. As soon as the Trump voters found out the "ACA" was in fact Obama Care they freaked out!

Geez...da dummies didn't they read their prescription labels?

So now they want to keep what the Kenyan reptilian gave them after all. Again "...who knew?" That, and the 56% or so that didn't vote for the current maniac are en-mass getting off their butts, and making all sorts of noise.

A Commie Tea Party...who'd 'a thunk it. 

Here below is from my FB page. It's a sort of PG-13 version of this dump around here. No boy pictures, and not too much frank language.

This my reaction to the resistance both from the usual suspects, and amazingly traditional conservatives. This is sort of like when Commies, and Catholic reactionaries both fought against the Nazi Occupation together...interesting.

As I say both wings are fighting Trump because he, and that Bannon looney plan to dismantle the actual government.

"Granted the country, and or world may be getting run by six guys wearing top hats, and monocles in a bunker under second base at Dodgers Stadium. Still even they are starting to see that game is starting to unravel."

"In their own self interest I think they'll let the Balance of the Judiciary, and Legislative pull an insane Executive back in line. Be that an impeachment resignation or a scary example to calm the orange nutter down for the next three years, and ten months."

"In other words the "People" will be 'allowed' stop this madman from screwing up the best international crap game in history."

'And so far that seems the size of it...we'll see.

Stay Tuned as long as ya can.


  1. I hope your health stays better. Quite a relief Trumpi's plan failed; otherwise I'd be totally without coverage. The swamp drainage is notable for its absence, too.