Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Loving Vincent"

This is an on going project to film an animation of the work, and life of Vincent van Gogh. This the first full length animation in which each from is not a drawing or simple colored image, but an actual serious painting.

Something Disney always wanted to do. However practicalities on as always money got in the way.

Over 100 professional painter have worked on the project. Go here to learn more about the film.

Stay tuned.


  1. That third image is a most incredible self-portrait - one of the greatest ever painted, IMHO.


  2. A Wonder.

    Yet he lived in complete obscurity even poverty.

    I wonder how many like him live the same right now right this moment. How many Dante's Jackson Pollack's Walt Whitman's Amelia Earhart's Dr. M. L. King's or even new da Vinci's are hidden from us. Lost in this ridiculous soul killing dream killing machine.

    I worked on a short story about this. It involved contact between alternate earths. In one an individual was a well known painter. Her works had great, and positive effect on the 'other' earth.

    However on our earth her works, and just a few never got beyond small tentative pencil drawings on scraps of cardboard in the homeless shelter she lived in.

    We have lost more than can be imagine by having this kind of society.