Sunday, March 19, 2017

Let them Die of their own Stupidity"

The Republic will not survive intact from this Administration. This is so clear now. We have profoundly different values. This administration of the far right. Their plans are nothing if not a direct Declaration of War on the Blue States. A total abrogation of the social contract that has bound us together till now.

We've a become 50/50 contentious nation.

No compromise possible. Indeed both sides now actually hate each other.

If you know your history it is more than clear that the election of 2016 in a near mirror image of the national election of 1861. That one led directly to our first Civil War. We are now, and have been for more than a decade in the second. It's climax it's "Gettysburg" is coming.

That ignorant incompetent childish womanizing madman in the "WH" will do something stupid that will lead to that. He will give us another Gettysburg. The final breaking point. The irony is he won't even have done it on purpose, but just out of temper or pure stupidity.
Somewhere sometime between now, and 2020 this drunken tragic clown show of an administration will kill the nation. Our beloved republic will break apart.

This is why I illustrated this post with a "Starless Banner".

The Social Democratic States will fracture from the regressive "You're on your own White is Right States". The very odd thing is the "On your Own, and Meals on Wheels is Satanist States" are the poorest least educated, and most in need of nutritional/medical support.

Aw well goodbye, and good luck.

*Sorry about your hungry kids, and your old folks dying in the streets from disease, and hunger. This since feeding, and caring for them is demonic Socialism. Guess they should have got jobs huh?

You fucking Barbarians die by your own stupidity.

*Addendum: ...Alright I had a day or two to think about this post. No I don't want anyone to suffer especially kids, and old folks. All that was my rage speaking. My "Better Angels" gave me hell about all that. So no none of that. As I myself have said, "...Less Suffering is Better than More".

I'm still freaked out, and pissed as hell though, and I still fear the Republic is going to breakup. However if, and when it does our Better Selves must guide us through that Dark Storm.


Stay Tuned.

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