Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Acting ‘Under G~d’s Authority’

 A defiant county clerk in Kentucky has again refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite a ruling from the US Supreme Court mandating that it be done.

On Tuesday morning, as Rowan County clerk Kim Davis' office opened, two couples were denied licenses.

A deputy clerk told April Miller and Karen Roberts, who walked into the office trailed by dozens of television cameras, that no licenses would be issued and refused to make Davis available.
A second couple, David Moore and David Ermold, rejected a fourth time, are demanding to speak with Davis.

Ermold shouted: "Tell her to come out and face the people she's discriminating against."

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to intervene in the case, leaving Davis no legal grounds to refuse to grant licenses to gay couples. A district judge could now hold her in contempt, which can carry steep fines or jail time.

Davis said she was acting "under God's authority" in refusing to issue marriage licenses.  (Reuters)


Well the invisible man in the sky strikes again. Mind you I respect those that have faith, and live by it. Thing is I wish they would respect others that don't see things their way.

Ya know that invisible guy, and all.

Human beings are something. They used to believe that setting their virgin daughters on fire in some ritual would please assorted personages in the clouds. Having been 'in' the clouds myself a few times the only folks I saw up there were under paid stewards, and stewardesses.

Okay crying babies, and a guy two seats up that really needed a shower. Divine entities no. Mind you these mystical folks 'could' be around, but I ain't seen'em.

Anyway Ms. Davis is about to be a Martyr for the cause. Yep like them folks in ancient Rome that became lion shit for the 'Big Guy'. Kim Davis is about to have her name listed in gold in Heaven as one that went to the end for... whatever.

'Least that's what the Nuns told us. 

Mind you Like I sez I ain't making fun of her. I'm just fed up cosmologies that mis-inform, and frighten people to do stupid or as with Isis deadly things.

This is very like after the 1964 Civil rights Act was passed. In them long ago daze upstanding white folks not unlike these upstanding white folks tried to evade or outright refuse to abide by the new law.

Granted change is hard.

I hate this damned digital age. What with book stores vanishing that, and our beloved record stores. everybody walking around with their faces in some damned device.

Just bleeping hate it.

So in a way I sympathize with these Nazi bastards. Being an old guy now I much prefer things as they were. The difference is I'm not running around trying to blowing up them damned "Apple Stores", tho' perhaps a good idea, or slamming them "Device Zombies" in the mug with cat-shit pies. ...another interesting idea.

So here we are.

More stupid superstitious bullshit to waste everybody's time. Why can't these nutters use heroin like all the other junkies. I mean religion being a sad addiction, and all.

Hey been there done that on both counts. 

I once wanted to study for the clergy, and my drugs of choice were "Speed~Coke~Vodka" cocktails. Snort numbers one, and two,...drink number three.

Aw man them were the daze indeed.

Stay Tuned. 



  1. Let me see now ... she takes a job a long time ago without the foggiest idea that someday she would be required to do what her conscience would not allow, then one day everything changes. There's a new requirement for the jib - one she'd never even dreamed possible, and one that she simply couldn't do. She has three choices: violate her conscience, lose her job, or be suddenly treated like villain number one. Whether one agrees with her or not, the fact is that she is now being discriminated against. The entire force of the federal government is being aimed at her, along with the vilification filling the internet. Is this any fairer than other forms of discrimination? I thought the whole idea was to be finding ways to live together in spite of (and even enriched by) our diversity.

  2. Ed, you're just another monotheist buffoon. Stop pushing this idiocy down our throats. Go kiss your pastor's ass and leave us in peace here with our Uncle Sidney.

  3. anonymous - I am perfectly happy to leave you to do as you will - all I ask is the same thing I ask of my fellow Christians - that we treat each other with the same consideration that we want to receive. Throwing insults around and demanding that everybody else agree with all the assertions we may make just doesn't cut it, just doesn't bring peace and concord. We can live together, even with our differences. Let's try it, huh?

  4. Ed, when all of your glorious Xtians and "the entire force of the federal government", "along with the vilification filling the internet" (to use your quaint phrases) stops being aimed directly at the heads of queers such as us, then I may start to listen to you. Until then, you and your ilk can kiss my ass, to put it as politely as possible.

  5. "Your belief in God is merely an escape from your monotonous, stupid and cruel life."

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