Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Taking One's Meds"

Okay while recovering from this latest brush with Eternity. A dear pal helped me to post a sound file on my Pod-cast site. It was insanely harder that it sounds. We put stuff up only to have it actually vanish.

We tried all sorts of players, and widgets,...nothing.

Well we stumbled on one thingy that looked interesting, and we lucked a way. That is the damned thing is still there as of this posting, and plays swell.

It's a very short music mix I did for my radio program maybe in the late 1980's or so. It's all cute so you'll like it. If this format holds up I'll start posting more of old shows, and do some new ones too.

So far so good

Go to:

Btw if ya goes there, and there's an empty space where the files should be you'll know we got fucked again.

Stay tuned.

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