Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Dead Baby Joke"

"An Uncle Sidney Editorial" 

Nobody asked me But...

Hey is it cool for any woman to have an abortion if she wants...or not.

Well the problem is that the topic has fallen into the machinery of the endless Culture Wars. The Right 'is' at War with Women, and the Poor. The Left 'is' at War with Organized Religions. So the topic of Life or Death of the Unborn is mired in that. 

Which is why it's dragged on for decades as a flash point item. 

Ideally 'only' women should have a say in this. Men neither carry or often don't nurture children. Again speaking ideally 'only' women should be allowed to vote or make laws on the subject since they're the only ones intimately involved. 

This is all actually 'outside' the concerns of "official" religion. It's a profoundly personal, and to some "spiritual' question for women, and 'only' women. 

Men, male politicians, and clergy of every sort if they be for or against should have no say 'politically' whatever. However 'personally' with their spouse or girlfriend yes they can speak. However that should be the extent of their involvement. 

They 'may' have a 10% say, but the women get 90% in this.

Harsh, but the corrupted deliberately distorted Culture War politics of this subject makes it necessary.

So there.

Stay tuned.

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