Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Bed Time Story"


  1. Pretty hot dancer Sid! Is this Sufi? Or is it Bacha bāzī? (Persian: بچه بازی‎, literally "playing with boys". If this is what Islam has spawned, then the hell with Christian lunatics! Nay?

    Or do you still insist we embrace all differences? Hitler? Pol Pot? Stalin? Idi Amin? OK! OK! If you insist.

  2. Google has fucked up my account. I can't access this page anymore. Been here since 2006 under various names.

    However the 'did' reactivate an old version i haven't used since 2008.

    If you want to continue reading my stuff go to: http://uncle1950uncle.blogspot.com/

    That or just click on the red highlighted "uncle1950uncle"

    This is fucking nuts...I'm tempted to finally retire.

    ,,,but I won't.

  3. Well this is weird...now I can access my page here again. I think bleep-spot, and google are having a melt-down.

  4. In answer to the comment though.

    The thing about all them maniacs you mention Pol Pot etc. Is that they certainly got the job done...while they lasted.

    They're all examples of what humanity can do when our Reptile brain is turned loose. Sufism is a swell example of what happens when our "Better Angels" finally have a say.

    Anyway the Boy Dancer is a Dervish...hotcha!

    I really loves all that Sufi stuff which btw pre-dates Islam by maybe a 1000 years or so. Imagine a philosophy based completely on the mystical aspects of love music, and fucking. They got's an eye for pretty boys too.

    No wonder everybody has tried to exterminate them.


    I loves these folks.