Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Mayberry RFD"

 I always wanted to see that missing episode of "Mayberry RFD". 

The one where "Otis the drunk" took "Opie" to his first Klan Rally. Well "Aunt Bee" forgot to cut eye holes in his hood, and "Opie" nearly stumbled into the burning cross.  


"Otis" fell off the grandstand dead drunk, and "Opie" had to drive him home. 

The plot thickened when on his way home young "Opie" gives some  Beatnik Civil Rights workers a lift to the train station. They was beating it out'a town so they wouldn't get lynched. Anyway with Otis passed out in the back seat the guys decides to turn "Opie on

They gives him some ganja, and a blow job...they was Queers of course like all them beatnik hippie northern race-mixer trouble makers.

Well one thing leads to another, and "Opie" becomes a secret Civil Rights activist...spreading around leaflets, and graffiti against the Klan, and assorted Nazis. He also started an underground chapter of the *"Mattachine Society" in his high school. 

( early 20th century Queer Rights group.) 

'But I digress.

I really was looking for the menu for the Chinese take out place,...they're new, and are open all night. Swell now I can have beef w/broccoli  whenever I like. Truly this is a Great Republic!!

Stay Tuned.

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