Thursday, September 24, 2015

"My Day"

Well besides waiting for my landlord, and the contractors to finally show up about the mess the plummers made. This, and they still haven't tracked down that destructive leak upstairs.

Besides that, and the still wet ceilings.

I watched the Pope address the Joint House. Heck of a show. He was hard to understand, but one could make him out after a while. He said neat stuff.

Compassion for the poor care taking for the Earth. Ending the arms trade restraining capitalism ending the death penalty among other neat needed stuff.

The Republicans did their usual disrespect by folding their arms during applause. ...most of them. At least they didn't sit there reading newspapers or acting being asleep as they do for Obama.

They did stand, and applaud when he basically said we should respect the unborn. However, and especially when he made an appeal to the whole world to abolish the death penalty he got stony silence from them loons.

I never thought I'd 'want' Goldwater conservatives back, but I do. At least they were human beings. 

Otherwise a nice fall day.

I went, and got my laundry went shopping, and later got a nice Chinese dinner from my pals at the take out around the corner. 

They're swell folks. 

Sometimes towards the end of the month like now when I'm a tad short of scratch they offer credit. They just now said, "...tomorrow okay problem".

Another Anne Frank moment.

"Despite it all I still believe everyone is basically good"

She said that or something very like it. I thank her, and my pals at the shop for my "Moo Goo Gai Pan." I thank the Pope for being himself.

I also sat in the sun like an old guy should. 

I was out on the parkway pushing my 12 tons of laundry home, and decided to sit a spell. So there I was 300 years old sipping an ice cold Dr. Pepper against my doc's orders taking in the rays.

It was more than a little pleasant.

Stay Tuned.

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