Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"King Tiger-1"

The contractors...nice fellas, are tearing my sweet little home to pieces. I let them back in early this morning gave'em orange juice, and bagels chatted for a while then went back to snooze. I gets up a few hours later, and there's a deep black crevasse where my bathroom used to be.

That, and apparently a WW2 Tiger-1 tank ran through my kitchen wall. The only detail missing were the tread marks. Mind you this is all for the good. They're after six months finally getting somewhere in trying to figure out where all them mysterious leaks were coming from.

The problem put simply is that this building is 110 years old.

Eventually...who knows when. They said the whole building needs to be re-plumbed. That, and generally renovated. Right. We all had to pay private contractors to have our digs renovated on our own.

The upside is fortunately they can't raise my rent. In New York City once you're over 62 that can't fuck with you.

Which is why some landlords a few years ago put out contracts on some of their older tenants. Thank gawd the assassins they were dealing with were Undercover Cops.

In NYC landlords are either Homicidal Maniacs or Angels...'nothing' in between. I lucked out, and have an Orthodox Jewish Angel.

More or this disaster as events happen.

Stay Tuned.

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