Friday, September 4, 2015

"Aw Crap!"

Great just bleeping great. Now I'm sick again. I'm telling ya this old guy shit is a pain in the butt!  Just like that I'm keeling over. Fucking vertigo nausea headaches, and bleeping fuzzy vision.

I almost called the "Meat Wagon" to scrap me up, and take me in.

Interesting the first thing I thought was maybe some bar-b-que ribs might help...where did that come from?!

'But that was my first thought.

It's that Diabetes thing. I'm hypoglycemic. Basically I haven't eaten properly, and not taken my Meds on time. The other day was a warning. I was down by Union Square buying some computer junk when I nearly fainted on the damned street.

I really need a "Mrs. Hudson" type to take care of me. She was "Holmes, and Watson's" house keeper. A real cynical pissed off lady, but was always there with the right stuff at the right time.

Crap...I need to lay down.

If I don't frigging die I'll be back later. 

Stay tuned.

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