Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Bleep this Bleeping Bleep!"

This totally sucks. Isn't September supposed to be cooler? Actually it wasn't 100f today. This photo I took maybe three summers ago. I was too hot, and lazy to make a new one,...bleeping sue me!

In truth it's only...right now a cool, and crisp 92f.

Did I mention the suffocating humidity? Yeah plenty of that hanging around. When the fuck is it going to snow is what I wanna know.

Anyway stay cool comrades.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I hear that county clerk has been thrown in the slammer. Maybe it's hotter than hell there too and she is sharing her cell with a dozen lesbian rapists who have 30 inch dildos strapped to their loins. That's what I would call equal justice.

  2. Humm...I dunno, but I have the feeling you're less than happy with the clerk gal. In a way she reminds me of another clerk that used her bureaucratic powers to nonchalantly fuck me over when I was trying to get a new State I.D.

    What should have been the work of five minutes took weeks.

    The Bitch enjoyed every second of it.

    So yeah I gets your point. Thing is my Bitch was just an evil bleep, and yours thinks she's working for the Big Guy. There's a corollary in all this somewhere, but like I sez I'm too hot, and lazy right now to do any actual work.

    Btw is there actually an equivalent "Culture of Rape" in ladies slammers as there are in men's. I hadn't thought about that. Might make for an interesting horror movie.

  3. "Dubteppia Queen of Cell Block 69!"

    Starring..."Whoppie Goldberg" as the Mistress of Pain, and Pleasure in Alabama's Max Security!

    "She taught Hell a few things they never thought of!"

    Yeah has possibilities...let me bang out a script, and pitch it to Netflix.

    I'll get back to ya.