Sunday, September 20, 2015


Plenty of folks here ain't gonna like this, but...

Sorry, but voting for Sanders in 2016 will be like voting for Nader in 2000/2004. Basically we handed Bush the White House. Yes Nader was the "better" person who 'knew' he would never win, and that he might give us the catastrophe of the Bush years. 

Which he did. ...thanks.

Voting in the "General" is not like voting for the City Council or Congress. Your range, and freedom is far more restricted. The choices are always people you don't believe in, and you always have to choose the slightly less evil, and stupid. Still many vote for the "better" person regardless of the outcome. 

In doing so they always by default elect Republicans.

Yeah yeah I know the whole program all the arguments...but facts are facts. Sanders 'can't' win the 'nation wide' General Election I don't care what the current polls say.

Not a a tad of research.

I remember McGovern getting only "ONE" state. Which gave us Nixon which gave us Reagan which gave us Bush One, and Two. Not voting will give the Tea Party the White House. Voting for Sanders...sorry folks...this will do the same thing.

He doesn't have Blacks he doesn't have Hispanics. He ain't getting them McGovern didn't. I remember all that.

I'm seeing it again.

Sanders the liberal "Great White Hope" is the leftwing cultist white progressive's candidate like McCarthy, and McGovern were in 1968. I'm voting the straight Dem. ticket. You guys can do what you want, but I've lived 'long enough' to see us throw away too many elections on crap like this. Nice crap,...but crap.

As I told my commie pals "I don't have your freedom of choice".

I can't vote for my "pet" savior. I'm voting for Hillery because under her Administration I may get more years of life. It's that real politics no ideological mayhem,....just Life.

If we'd had just had two terms of a Republican President instead of Obama I'd be hear that "DEAD". Because they would have cut Medicare, and other humane programs to bits, and I would 'never' have got the Meds therapies or food that are now keeping me alive. 

So for me, and tens of millions of others it's not an abstraction or ideological grab bag. It is literally Life, and Death.

That's fucked up, but that's life in 21st century America.

 Stay Tuned.


  1. Of course Bernie won't make a difference. It matters little now who's the head clown in office. He or she will represent the interests of no one but the wealthy and the super-wealthy. The Democrats may mildly delay the self-destruction of the country, the Republicans will accelerate it, but our destination - severe economic and social collapse - is the same in either case. The country has never really deviated from the path that Reagan set it on 35 years ago, and it certainly won't do so now.

    Moreover, as you rightly point out, Bernie represents merely the privileged left - the NPR crowd, if you will. And the sole priority of the privileged, at any and all times, is to preserve their privilege, before all else - no matter how much they insist they have the interests of the underclass at heart. The underclass know this, and so quite justifiably can muster no enthusiasm for the NPR candidate.

    Once upon a time, I might have been one of those privileged lefty supporters. But there's such a thing as downward mobility, you know - as many formerly prosperous Americans are going to discover, to their horror.


  2. "The country has never really deviated from the path that Reagan set it on 35 years ago, and it certainly won't do so now." Spot on Zaek!

  3. Thanks "Z" on da money! Btw glad you're back!

    You too anonymous!

  4. At this point I will vote. Ask me why, and I won't have a good answer. Whatever vote I do cast (and in the primaries it will be Sanders) will be no more than a protest vote. Every last Republican possible scares me -- there's not a one I could stomach, BUT I find Clinton no less scary than them. Electing her (and she would have my reluctant vote against any possible Republican) would in all likelihood be no better than electing any of the GOP (Greatly Obnoxious Party) candidates, though for somewhat different reasons. Sander just might (unlikely though it seems) be somewhat better if he really had a shot at it.

    Don't I wish we had a "None of the Above" option! Back when I was much younger and we had a Nixon/Humphrey option, I wrote in "vacancy" Unfortunately one of them won.

  5. "I'm voting for Hillery because under her Administration I may get more years of life."

    I think that's probably true for me too. At this point in history, getting a decent President is out of the question - not gonna happen; the Republicans will kill us faster, that's all.

    BTW, my web access has been spotty; that's mostly why I haven't been around for a while.