Friday, September 18, 2015


I was just chatting with a comrade on Facebook that lives in Asia. he said that he's an ethnic minority in Thailand, and getting the shit kicked out of him. More or less figuratively sometimes literally.

He's also Queer.

Anyway he said what he likes about the States was that we always work stuff out amongst our selves, " do this again, and again." 

I wrote that I'm sorry for his situation, and that please be careful out sucks awful big.

As for us working things out,...well.

I wrote:

"Um well speaking as a long time Negro, and retired Queer I think we actually do work shit out after a fashion. Of course within the constraints of being owned by various heartless corporations, and government agencies.

The America of 1950 when I was born was a far far different place than it is now. I mean seriously. You can do far more race-mixing, and cock-sucking now than ever before! 

The thing the States have that not even other Democracies embody is the ability to change . Fairly quickly as well. Bad Laws overthrown, and better ones written.

That sort of thing was just the work of a Century or so. The Culture Wars changes were even faster. Less that half the time of law changing.

Queers can actually get divorced now, and Colored people have their own Game Shows Hispanics are taking back the western states by birth rate. What's that if not progress.

I mean sure Unarmed black kids still get shot in the back, and queers still get beat up or killed. But other than that we're doing just peachy. We're just sailing along oblivious fat, and happy.

I mean as long as the Queers stay in the missionary position, and don't get up to any of that William Boughs stuff. That, and if the Poor the Blacks, and Women know their places...albeit larger places, but places nonetheless. 
My Face Book pal still said that America was cool or at least alot "Cooler" than where he lived.

Okay if he sez so.

Stay Tuned.

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