Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Freedom is Slavery"

 An Uncle Sidney Editorial 

Nobody frigging asked me, But....

I really don't understand what could be called the "New Right". They are so far from the classic Goldwater or Eisenhower conservative realm as to be unrecognizable. As much say as the old time Bomb Throwing late 1960's "New Left" was a corrupt distortion of Dr. King or Robert Kennedy. 

They are not true Conservatives. No more than those "Black Bloc" vandals, and provocateurs had anything to do with the real Occupy movement. The "New Right" or Tea Party, and their fringe offshoots seem to be fighting for the right to discriminate, and persecute. Their concept of "Religious Freedom" is just that.

This movement could be called the Taliban of the West.

It's hard not to find a cultural reality they're not raging against. So like the old "New Left". If the new left was too smart for it's own good these folks seem at least outwardly to be the opposite.

An unfortunate number of them seem poorly educated fearful, and angry. They "want their country back!". I imagine the one where "White was Right". A sort of "Mayberry RFD" with Klan rallies.

Btw I always wanted to see that missing episode of "Mayberry". 

The one where "Otis the drunk" took "Opie" to his first Klan Rally. Well "Aunt Bee" forgot to cut eye holes in his hood, and "Opie" nearly stumbled into the burning cross.  ...Then! "Otis" fell off the grandstand dead drunk, and "Opie" had to drive him home. The plot thickened when on his way home young "Opie" gives some  Beatnik Civil Rights workers a lift to the train station. They was beating it out'a town so they wouldn't get lynched. Anyway the guys decides to turn "Opie on, and give him some ganja, and a blow job...they was Queers of course like all them beatnik hippie race-mixer trouble makers.

Well one thing leads to another, and "Opie" becomes a secret Civil Rights activist...spreading around leaflets, and graffitti against the Klan, and assorted Nazis. He also started an underground chapter of the *"Mattachine Society" in his high school. 

(...an early 20th century Queer Rights group.) 

'But I digress.

Where the fuck was I,...oh right. 

The political base for the Tea Time crowd has a biological solution.

This since so many are late middle aged to elderly. Not a put down I'm an old guy myself,...still.  In ten to fifteen years, like me...good grief, they'll be either dead or being fed strained prunes up their butts from a machine full of tubes that goes "Chugga Chugga".

However putting myself in their shoes I can sort of see their reason for all that fear, and anger. These folks lived to see "their" country radically change. More, and more outsiders are now "In".

Remember these folks pretty much all of them...well okay 'most' of them are white. They came of age at the end of American White Supremacy. They were young adult or teenagers when the Civil Right War was fought, and *won by Blacks, and progressive Whites. This was the beginning of their fears.

* (Won in the legal sense. Changing laws is easy. It's the work of 'only' a century or so.)

(Changing Hearts...well.)

The following 50 years to that both entitled, and embattled generation hasn't been kind. This because little by little more, and more of "Those People" entered the American mainstream which they were raised to believe was for 'Them', and only 'Them'. 

Also in 2010 more non-white babies were born in the USA than whites.

Btw these parents 'vote', and in 18 years so will those babies furthering the interests of their demographic. The face of this country is changing. Instead of welcoming the evolution of our Republic they've gone insane.

They're traumatized.

This perhaps explains their irrational fears, and rages at everything from math science, and spelling to that Colored Kenyan Communist Muslim Reptilian Race-Mixer'n probably Gay so-called President. Imagine 'my' disappointment when I found out he was just a moderate liberal from Chicago via Hawaii, and not all those other swell things. 

Heck that's why I voted for the guy,...twice!

Anyway you gets the drift here. I'm in a way sorry for these folks, but not enough to see them ever getting more power than they already have. 

Right now they're fighting rear-guard actions with voter suppression discriminatory legislation, and  sometimes bullets. This against young Mexicans, and unarmed Blacks, and the Poor. They're desperately battling against what 'they' see as their certain cultural, and demographic defeat.

They don't or won't see that we're 'all' Americans, and this isn't a "defeat". 

It's progress. Countries 'change', and unlike too many others we're changing actually for the good. More folks included at the table, and contributing to the common economy. However the "New Right" generation just can't abide any of this.

Google videos of them when Obama got re-elected.

It was amazing. Outright shock, and horror. So many of them stunned to silence. Others openly wept. This because they knew, but would never say, that their America was over, and another was dawning.

Stay Tuned.

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