Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Yes,...but is it Art?"

 (The artist Damien Hirst has made $Millions with his "Dots" series.)

Okay so the guy digs dots. He didn't know his work would be popular, and he'd make all that. However he should have...read on.

"Modern Art began over a century ago as a Revolutionary bright outburst against the narrow unimaginative "old school" of painting. However now it's become the very thing it once so justly fought against.

It's devolved into a dreary anti-humane ugly, and worst of all Boring realm. It no longer sez anything to anyone. Except maybe those buyers that wager on it's worth.

This stuff it seems is the only style of artistic expression that gets serious financing or collecting. So of course too many artists go where the money is, and the damned thing just self replicates.

Year after year decade after decade after decade.

Now gawd save us...Century after frigging Century! 

Aw gee com'on.

Heck at this point I'd take Norman Rockwell's overly romantic visions of an America that 'never' existed 'any day' over works by Jackson Pollack!

Uh,...okay most days. 

Christ's sake comrades let's have some humanity back in art stuff. Some swell frescoes gleeful nudes. How about some Vermeer action?

Wow! Wadda gal. ...the pearl's nice too. Now com'on ya gotta admit she's a better sight for sore eyes than 20 gallons of beacon grease splattered against a wall.

That btw was an actual recent installation,...good bleeping grief!

While we're at it lets have some Caravaggio stuff too. Mind you I'm not saying burn all that mass produced "modern" work. Eh,...not mostly. I'm just saying make some room for everybody else.

'Cause it's 'bad' out there comrades. Do you know that Rembrandt, and them other guys would be considered "Outsider Artists" today?

Think about that.  

That "Caravaggio"....Wadda Guy!

Stay tuned.


  1. The arts have self-destructed from within. It's symptomatic of what's happening to our civilization as a whole.

    I wish to propose a commission for Damien Hirst. The public needs to learn how to more profoundly worship the bodily excretions of billionaires. Every time Mr. Uber lays a fresh one, it should be whisked away by worshipful enthusiasts, carefully packed, and delivered to Mr. Hirst, who will sprinkle it with diamond dust and place it on auction for 100 million dollars. It's right up his alley, and in today's art market is guaranteed to prove a tremendous success.


  2. Absolutely. They'll give give him a whole segment on the "Today Show", and "60 Minutes" so he can show the world some Great Shit!

  3. Oh, and BTW your recent piece slamming the comix industry was also right on. It would be hard to imagine a lamer bunch of hackneyed uninspired detumescent dreck than what passes for comix entertainment in the industry these days. The standard superheros ceased to be fresh or exciting a good 4 decades ago at the very least, and the writing to be found in them is the quintessence of banality.The inability of the fanboy crowd to handle your just criticism in a mature or reasonable way merely underscores how dependent the industry is on their fanatically uncritical reception. Only a smattering of indie comix are worth the paper they're printed on.


  4. Yeah the "fanboys" are hopeless. These kiddies actually 'like' the awful crap that passes for Comix's today. True the indies are our only hope. granted 99%+ of them ain't worth the Kleenex they're xeroxed on to either.

    But sometimes...

    Yes oh yes sometimes miracles happen which keep me in the game, and reading. It's sort of like when "Cyber Punk" overran the S/F field 20 years ago. It drove out all the better works. This because the publishers saw where the money was.

    It took all those years to decontaminate from that era.

    S/F is still recovering. Which shows that even exceptional fields are in danger of economically induced blight. I've only just recently started reading again.

    I recommend Kim Stanley Robinson's "Aurora". I'm in the middle of it now.

    It goes into the realities of a Generation Star-ship. What happens to human beings after a number of generations in a totally artificial environment. That, and what they ultimately do when they reach their destination.

    Not the usual bullshit of turning into mutants or whatever. Rather the unexpected shit Robinson usually gives us.

    Did I mention I despise "fanboys" the source of all evil?

    Stay tuned.

    ...did you like the Snoopy chapters? Should I continue to bother with it?