Sunday, January 15, 2017


I've never believed Trump is the fiend the left have apparently convinced themselves he is. To me he looks like merely an asshole magnate who wants power, not Satan incarnate as they seem to imagine. He comes off more like Berlusconi than Hitler. He might manage to deliver some jobs, or he might accelerate our destruction - perhaps both, in some bizarre combination. In any case, it's past due time to dump the neoliberal globalist economics and military interventionism that Clinton represented.

Even if he tries to deliver some make-work infrastructure projects like highway-building, as promised, he might not be able to. The USA is now 20 trillion dollars in debt. So he may wind up just being the bag-holder for his predecessors.

There is no left left this country. I suspect the core constituency of the Democrats are the well-to-do, masking their economic self interest behind a façade of social justice and fake concern for minorities. The real issues of our time are economics and class warfare against a background of general decline, not a rehash of civil rights struggles against a background of wealth and progress, like NPR keep trying to pretend it is.

One good thing at least has come from this election: it is now clear that a large proportion of the population no longer trust the news media or believe what they tell them. This vote of no confidence is well earned and richly deserved, IMHO.


Trump was the most defeat-able candidate in the history of this country...maybe any country. I'm no Hillary hater, but it seems most everyone else was. So they put her up against a guy that's political poison to any rational constituency.

Naturally he won.

Gee what happened? Humm well you fielded the "Bride of Frankenstein" against a Nazi Daffy Duck. Hell I was tempted to vote for Daffy over her.

Yes if nothing else this is the final...I hope I hope I hope destruction of Neo-Liberal hell.

This guy is nuts, and though I panicked, and thought the cattle cars were being readied for the usual suspects. ...of which I am seriously one. I think instead this is going to be a "Three Stooges" movie directed by Dan Quayle on the fabled bad "Brown Acid" while getting a blow job from a pencil sharpener.

So I'm just going to sit back, and watch Hell on Earth happen for the entertainment of a weary world which is in serious need of a few laughs.

(...this  an answer to comrade "Z's" comment to the post "Point of Order".)

Stay Tuned.

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