Thursday, January 12, 2017


This whole Queer/fag thing is as all the other objectifications of life. Total bullshit. We used to be Witches then the Third Sex the just "Fags" all through this hunted beaten, and murdered.

They just shot 100 Queers in one place at one time at the "Aurora" slaughter last summer. Half killed. Granted that was 40 or 50 news cycles ago, but you 'must' remember something about all that.

I do, and it sez we're still on the menu.

Now in this new fearful era in this sad Republic. We may find out what the assimilated Jews of 1930's Germany, and the similarly deluded Muslims of the Balkans learned in the 1990's.

Those that wanted our blood were just biding there time for a social environment they could act in. I'm not being negative. Just realistic given what we know of the cyclic events of history.

We are in another Dark Patch in the West. The East has been a Mad House all along. However for some decades we tried to maintain open progressive societies. That noble experiment has ended, and business as usual encroaches upon us again.

Here's my simple, and desperate solution to our situation. That is the current plight of 'all' the "Usual Suspects"

No doubt you've heard the idea of what would the Nazi's have done if 'every', and I mean every single Jew they came for had met them with a loaded gun. That, and were fearlessly determined not to be taken alive.

I imagine the Brown Shirts might not have not been so eager after a while to go out on the hunt. This as so many of them would never come back from these.

A desperate last stand?

No not really. Just a message to our would be murderers that this is a war, and a not turkey shoot.

More on this as events warrant comment.

Stay Tuned.


  1. There would be no need for sexual "identity" without a hostile cultural substrate that automatically generates artificial alienation. It's called the Bible.

    That said, yeah I'm all for it - armed fags. That Islam-inspired fuck (another Abrahamic religion) wouldn't have gotten far if some of his victims could have shot back.


  2. That's basically it.

    If you're one of the usual suspects arm your ass, and get ready. They're going to kill you anyway so you might as well have some fun with them when they come.

    "Ja Gruppenführer das Faggots shot the shit out of us,...and they got away too!"

    Yeah that's the spirit.