Monday, January 16, 2017

"...good grief!"

Well okay I have to say yeah I'm still a Peacenik, BUT...there's always a "But" isn't there. 

Anyway as a child of 'my' generation. The post WW2 generation...ya know the folks that fucked everything up after our parents gave us a new, and more or less better world.

Yeah us.

Well the thing about "us" at least those of us that were boys. Queer Trans Straight don't matter. We 'all', well a whole lot of us anyway. We know the details of the second part of the "Second Hundred Years War".

Known to the rubes as the First Second, and Cold Wars...dummies.

Anyway being forever over-shadowed by that war in which 'All' our fathers uncles...Queer or not, and the fathers, and uncles of all our playmates fought in. Our mothers, and aunts worked in defense plants or were in the uniformed services as well.

With all that Serious Noise going on...

We the lot of us became obsessed with what some now call the "Good War" or the "Good"  part of the latest Hundred Years Floor Show. My dad was in the Air Corp. My Trinidadian part of the family saw several of my relatives fly for the RAF in Europe, and Asia.

So no surprise I wanted to fly as well...till I found out what one had to do get get wings

Ultimately you have to kill people. On the ground, and in the air.


This was the deal breaker.

However the myth of Valor, and all those other lies carried on with me, and most of the boys I knew. Carried on with my brother, and cousins too. So much so they all...I mean 'all' became Paratroopers. So did the boys from my block...the whole lot.

Most of them came back from Vietnam.

Though some minus limbs or their minds.

All this being so my fantasy warrior dream ended..rather completely. Though strangely my interest as opposed to obsession with the WW2 war in the air continues.

I'll bring this up with my new shrink whenever I finally get one.

So I still build models of Spitfires Hurricanes Mustangs BF-109's Stuka's, and Mig-1's.

I read the few comix's on the subject that show up now, and then as well. This above "War Stories" is an example. Written by Garth Ennis the best author in the field. Also artist Matt Martin a first class graphic novel artist.

Mind you this isn't all that "Biggles" crap. ...Google him. Images below.

This stuff is no fun I don't know why I read it. It's similar to the realist post Vietnam war comics. Some written, and drawn by vets of the conflict. Believe me if you never saw those they sugar coated nothing!

Now that I think of it the few War comixs that are around are deeply effected by our long deadly pointless Indochina experience. They are 'not' making recruits for any new war. 

As the post WW2 editions did.

I suppose all this will stop when My generation kicks the bucket in a few years. Till then this strange after glow from that so avoidable so destructive, and insane Second Hundreds Years War will continue.

Sorry can't think of a nice neat way to tie all this off...I guess because for me at least it's not over. 

Never will be. 

Here's that Brit "Biggles" mayhem I mentioned.

"Pip Pip!"

...good grief!

Be shot up, and burning to death while trapped in a tight cockpit apparently 'never' happened in this version of the war. 

Right...shoots down 10 Stuka's yet still has fuel, and ammo enough to tangle with a fur-ball of 109's....and WINS??!!!!!

Sort of like Cowboy heroes whose six shooters held hundreds of rounds.

Yet folks believed both of these fantasies.

Stay Tuned.

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