Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Well I don't know what to do does anyone? It seems as was said long ago. "The lights are going out all over the world, and we shall not see them lit again in our lifetimes."

Actually it was the "Lights of Europe."

This at the dawn of the First World War. In our time it's the whole world. There's no America or Allies coming to save anyone. The Lights have gone out in America as well. So here we are. We have a government champing at the bit to undo a century of slow social progress. A government run by a Buffoon, and his Billionaire friends.

They were elected by the white underclass on the fantasy they these minions of Hades would bring back 1950's high paying industrial jobs. Put niggers back in their place...women queers, and all the other usual suspects too.

Instead these poor people along with the rest of us are going to lose what little we have left. The rest of the Western "Democracies" are pretty much doing the same thing.

"Trust us elect us."

They did too. This like here on the promise of restoring the old order of prosperity, and kicking out the Wogs. Seemed to work like a charm,...just like it did last time.

However as I say in the post below...

But there's hope.

There's always hope,...Always.

Stay Tuned.

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