Monday, January 16, 2017

"Make your own Heavens"

Speaking of signs, and wonders.

I once made a rain cloud in a room I was painting. I was painting up my cousin Tempy's bedroom for her some summers back, and accidentally made rain.

Seriously weird.

It was a super hot humid day like only New York has. So I turned the a.c. up high, but I didn't close the door to the balcony...oops. Well as 5th grade science will tell you if ya go mixing hot steamy air with cold dry paint fumes shit happens.

I'm painting away, and I feel drops on the back of my neck...I looks up, and there's a bleeping misty cloud drifting around the ceiling, and drops of rain coming out of it!
It was a true to life "Mr. Wizard" google the guy.

Ain't that something.

(Above some big shot artist guy somewhere made $zillions by using hi-tech crap to do the same thing. I made my cloud way simpler. I used paint, and an air conditioner.Btw his cloud didn't have no rain in it...ahem.)

Stay Tuned.

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