Monday, January 16, 2017



  1. I also had a scary dream. It was about a fire truck. I don't mean a fire engine, I mean a truck used in the same way Francis Drake used "fire ships" in the harbor of Cadiz - to set other vehicles on fire. The driver meant to immerse mine and other cars, as well as himself, in a sea of flame. It involved a shower of sparks poured into huge spills of gasoline that filled the roadway. I hope it just reflected my own state of mind - very bad at the time - and that it was not prophetic in any way.

    I suppose the obvious locus for bad events would be the upcoming inauguration and transfer of power. I hope nothing unduly dramatic transpires.


  2. I've been having very bad confused dreams as well. Grim dark angry dreams. Oh my friend these are indeed bad times.

    "Stand Fast!"