Friday, January 1, 2016

С новым годом!

Well once again it seems that half of our readers for the week are from Russia. Interesting that sometimes half are from the Ukraine. However 'never' at the same time.

The Ukrainians like me because I supported their Independence. The Russian because I support their fight against terrorists.

However they 'both' are very bad to Gay Folks...Homosexuals.

So I am grateful for your company, but hope you will stop the persecution of Homosexuals.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well ya know Sid, your readers from those countries are probably the homosexuals who are being thus persecuted by their countrymen. I bet they're hoping you'll put on some vids of cute Ukrainian dancing boys and young Russian singers; I know I sure am. Then we'll do a letter writing campaign urging Putin to cool it where gays are concerned, & to send that Blue Meanie Milonov to Siberia where he belongs, preferably wherever polar bears congregate.


  2. Ya know I went looking for images of Russian Queer teens for a post i was thinking of doing. I found pictures of them being tortured by Neo-Nazi's that lured them on social media.

    They were lured in tortured, and killed.

    just like in Iran the whole middle east the Caribbean, and eastern Europe. It's a Slaughter of the Innocents. the bullies, and Nazis laughing, and smiling as the murdered.

    What the hell am I supposed to post.

  3. "Z" I think you just inspired another thread.