Sunday, January 3, 2016


I'm working on a Queer episode to my Pod-cast series. This is the 'first'. I mention it here, but not my Face Book page. My friends there though always very good to me are not too cool about Queer matters.

Though progressive it makes them uncomfortable.

Yeah I was surprised too. Anyway go here:

I've got some graphics, and copy up. As well as a sweet video of my sweet-heart Charles Guslain. The program itself should be posted later this week.

I'll let you know.

Btw I 'was' going to open another page. A different pod-page just for Queer stuff. However I stopped, and thought "...Fuck that Noise!!" I'll be accepted as I "am" Period!

I ain't about to "Segregate" the dearest part of Me! 

So Bleeping There!!!

I have a lot of stories, and rants never heard in public rearing to go on so....

"Stay Tuned" 


  1. Right on! No self-segregation! Of course I have the same issue coming up with a blog I want to launch. I think self-assertion is important here: no apologies. Think how Harry Hay or Allen Ginsberg would handle it, with good humor and wit, but also not hiding it when they're pissed off.


  2. Yep on da money.

    Bleep'em if they can't take a joke. What da fuck was i thinking?! A separate page..the expense the hassle...for what? To hide what I've been public about for damned near 40 bleeping years...Bleep that noise!!!

    If I still had my cute girlish figure I'd moon the whole lot of them!